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Figit Friends for Xmas

Figit Friends are the latest new toys from Mattel. These interactive robots come in four colors and respond to voice commands. Each one of these colorful, chatty little creatures tells jokes and has over 150 phrases. Figit Friends have a soft, rubbery body and a plastic head. The available Figit Friends include the purple Trend-Setting Willa, neon green Adventurous Sage, neon pink Sweetie-Pie Serafina and bright blue Sporty Logan. Each friend has its own characteristics and personality.

Figit Commands

The Figit Friends respond to over 30 different commands including jokes and going to sleep. Your child can ask her Figit Friend how she looks and questions like “Do you want to dance?” The Figit Friends will dance to your tunes or her own tunes. The smart robot can recognize the music beat and perform different dance moves accordingly. Each Figit Friends weighs about two pounds and has removable ears. Their faces and eyes light up, and they need five AA batteries.

Willa, the purple robot, is stylish and follows the latest trends. She enjoys chatting, singing and laughing. Willa is perfect for any child who may need help with her self-esteem. Sage, the green robot, has a positive attitude and loves to explore things. She is very chatting and enjoys talking about new television shows. Logan, the blue Figit Friend, like high technology things, animals and the outdoors. This Figit Friend can be your child’s best friend and she is very encouraging. Serafina is the pink Figit Friend and loves to make people happy. The pink Figit Friend is a very popular choice.

Some commands to have your child say to her Figit Friend include “Dance with me,” “Chat with me,” “Tell me a joke” and “Good Night.” When she tells her Figit Friend “Good night,” the robot will say “Nighty, Nighty” and begin to snore. If the robot gives your child a compliment, tell her to respond by saying “Thank you.” When the Figit Friend asks a question, some responses can include “yes,” “no,” “yeah,” “okay” and “Sure.” If the Figit Friend starts repeating itself, resetting or not understanding commands, replace the batteries. If the robot is having trouble understanding your child, make sure she sits the robot about two or three feet away from her and is not directly in the robot’s face when giving commands.

If you are looking to find the perfect Christmas gift for your little one, consider getting her a Figit Friend. Find Figit Friends online, at retail stores and at most toy stores. These little robots cost approximately $40.

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