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Figit Friends for Xmas

Figit Friends are the latest new toys from Mattel. These interactive robots come in four colors and respond to voice commands. Each one of these colorful, chatty little creatures tells jokes and has over 150 phrases. Figit Friends have a soft, rubbery body and a plastic head. The available Figit Friends include the purple Trend-Setting Willa, neon green Adventurous Sage, neon pink Sweetie-Pie Serafina and bright blue Sporty Logan. Each friend has its own characteristics and personality.

Figit Commands

The Figit Friends respond to over 30 different commands including jokes and going to sleep. Your child can ask her Figit Friend how she looks and questions like “Do you want to dance?” The Figit Friends will dance to your tunes or her own tunes. The smart robot can recognize the music beat and perform different dance moves accordingly. Each Figit Friends weighs about two pounds and has removable ears. Their faces and eyes light up, and they need five AA batteries.

Willa, the purple robot, is stylish and follows the latest trends. She enjoys chatting, singing and laughing. Willa is perfect for any child who may need help with her self-esteem. Sage, the green robot, has a positive attitude and loves to explore things. She is very chatting and enjoys talking about new television shows. Logan, the blue Figit Friend, like high technology things, animals and the outdoors. This Figit Friend can be your child’s best friend and she is very encouraging. Serafina is the pink Figit Friend and loves to make people happy. The pink Figit Friend is a very popular choice.

Some commands to have your child say to her Figit Friend include “Dance with me,” “Chat with me,” “Tell me a joke” and “Good Night.” When she tells her Figit Friend “Good night,” the robot will say “Nighty, Nighty” and begin to snore. If the robot gives your child a compliment, tell her to respond by saying “Thank you.” When the Figit Friend asks a question, some responses can include “yes,” “no,” “yeah,” “okay” and “Sure.” If the Figit Friend starts repeating itself, resetting or not understanding commands, replace the batteries. If the robot is having trouble understanding your child, make sure she sits the robot about two or three feet away from her and is not directly in the robot’s face when giving commands.

If you are looking to find the perfect Christmas gift for your little one, consider getting her a Figit Friend. Find Figit Friends online, at retail stores and at most toy stores. These little robots cost approximately $40.


Top 10 Childrens Play Centres Essex

No 1. Kidspace in Romford - WINNER

  • Runner-up Aspire in the Community at Play Providers (ASPIRE Award, 2011)
  • Bronze Multi site operator of the year at Play Providers (ASPIRE Award, 2011)
  • Winner Romford Best UK Family Entertainment Centre at Play Providers (ASPIRE Award, 2010)
  • Winner Croydon Best UK Family Entertainment Centre at Play Providers (ASPIRE Award, 2009)
  • Silver Romford Best UK Family Entertainment Centre at Play Providers (ASPIRE Award, 2009)
  • Bronze Brand of the Year at Play Providers (ASPIRE Award, 2009)
  • Runner-up Multi site operator of the year at Play Providers (ASPIRE Award, 2010)
  • Finalist Best Commercial Leisure Scheme of the year (Property Week, 2008)


No 2. Barleylands Farm, Billericay

Barleylands Farm Centre is accessed from our large, free car park. Children of all ages can meet and feed our friendly farm animals, ride the mini tractors around the farm and let off steam in the adventure play area. Come along and visit Sam the ferret, cuddle a rabbit in the bunny barn and see if the ducks and geese are visiting our pond or ride the mini tractors and play indoors our outdoors in the Farm Centre.

No 3. Cheeky Monkeez South Woodham Ferrers


A real treat for all the family not just your little ones! Monkey Bizzness is a family run centre with friendly helpful staff. A super menu of home cooked meals and snacks to choose from from our fully Licenced 5 Star cafe 7 days a week. Our seperate under 5's Disney themed section is a must for all the toddlers with the role play area. Older children will be happy for hours in our main structure with 3 slides Football pitch and our all new Ball Blaster zone. The whole centre is open plan and offers great visability of your children with CCTV monitoring for additional peace of mind. Suitable for all ages upto 4"10".
Parties available in one of our 3 themed party rooms Disco Jungle & Pirate. Or why not hire the centre for exclusive use. Our Laser Tag parties are proving to be very popular with all age groups even adults! Play centre for children aged 0-5 years separate baby area for non- walkers.

Telephone: 01245 322052

No 4. Childsplay adventureland, Colchester

Childsplay adventureland is the premier indoor play facility for under 9's (max height 4'5") designed by the leading soft play manufacturer in Europe. We have special areas for babies, toddlers, youngsters as well as a pleasant atomsphere for parents.

No 5. Creepy crawlies, Chelmsford

Creepy Crawlies is a fully air conditioned indoor soft play centre suitable for children aged 0 - 8 years. We are more than happy to host your childs party and have a range of party packages to choose from on the Childrens Parties page.

Amongst our facilities we have a baby section, toddler area and junior structure where children can play, climb, slide, crawl, learn and grow.

No 6. Go Bananas, Colchester

Go Bananas is one of the largest indoor adventure play centres in the South East of England with 15 years of experience in entertaining children and Adults. Based in Colchester, Essex, Go Bananas have everything you need to entertain the young and old alike. Fun the weather cannot spoil!

No 7. Junglee Fun Hornchurch

Junglee Fun Hornchurch for the under 7s Owned by former Ofsted inspector Lea Ward, Junglee Fun Hornchurch, is specifically designed for children of 7 years and under. Their fully equipped purpose built soft play area is a great place for children to interact and burn their excess energy. Hornchurch Junglee Fun is now fully air conditioned. Junglee Fun has two tiers which are packed with fun features which include: Ball pool Fuzzy felt panels Building bricks Hopscotch floor Slide Activity panels Log ramp For a stress free birthday party, why not have your child's birthday party at Havering's very own Junglee Fun. Junglee parties are such good fun!! Parties can include the following: 1 1/2 hours of play time Party bag and helium balloon for every child Delicious freshly made party food Unlimited jugs of juice Jelly and ice cream Invites and thank you notes for more info on our parties and pricing please contact them directly. Hornchurch Junglee fun also offers an after school club from 3-5pm Monday to Friday, details in-store or phone Lea or Rachel on 01708 474884.

No 8. Little Monsters Harwich

Little Monsters is a bright, clean soft adventure play zone with ball pit, slides, and all the usual features. There's a cafe on site offering hot and cold snacks, with plenty of seating. Party options available to make your little one's day special.

No 9. Little Steps Gym, Leigh-On-Sea

No 10. Play Rascal Party & Play Centre


•    For most of the time your session is for an unlimited time.
•    During school holidays your visit may be restricted to 2 hours - you will be notified of this at the time of entry.
•    Adult supervision is required at all times.

Opening Hours:

7 days a week:        10am - 6pm*

*We are closed on Easter Sunday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

(Robbie Rascal reserves the right to change closing times without prior warning in exceptional circumstances)


•    Outdoor area with seating at no extra cost
•    Baby Changing facilities
•    High chairs
•    Restaurant/coffee bar
•    Accessible




Train your Babies Brain

My clown is building a train track
Creative Commons License photo credit: Wiertz Sébastien

Brain is one of the most mysterious natural machines. Latest studies have proved it to be immensely faster than the ever made supercomputer. It is estimated that even before the time of birth there are already brain cells nearing about 10000 billion in numbers that a human needs for the rest of his life. The links that connect these cells grow at a high rate during earlier few months in the life of a child. One of the reasons for this growth is stimulation via activity of the nerve paths which lead towards the brain. The stimuli received by a baby in those earlier months are always directly proportional to the activity of nerve pathway. This helps in the building up of brain thus paving way for a really smart kid. The learning process of a kid is determined by the experience he gets from his outer world along with the unique genuine factor of genes. This actually forms his personality and temperament. So train your babies brain so that they turn out to be fruitful citizens to the nations and also for you and your family.


Communication is the only means to convey ideas. Ideas can make the world move when they transform into thoughts and then to actions. All training begins with interaction that can be in form of teaching or a children party play. Find a little time to interact with your child daily. Entertain him by playing with him and within him embed a feeling that he is actually being loved. These actions of hugging, interacting, loving and playing really do have very strong impact on the developing intelligence of your child. The creative thoughts and the greater thinking skills are the projections from the intelligence developed in child hood. The art by which you train your babies brain is not a huge task or a very hard mission to accomplish. You need not have to sweat a lot or waste a lot of time. Just start reading books for your child.


Start with books containing lot of colorful pictures, then move on to short story books and thus continue the process. Meanwhile the language skill of the child also improves. They may not all of a sudden understand the language but this is the first ignition to the mind so as to mark the beginning of their language learning skills. Indulge your child in playing games involving physical activities so that there begins a creation for the skills of reasoning, emotional balance and also social skills. As the flow of blood towards the brain help in the building of new cells make them do light exercises because they increase this flow of blood.


Children are really a divine gift as the most innocent stage of human life is childhood. They are the hope of many future generations to come. They have a lot to do in their journey of life. So train your babies brain in such a way that they get the most useful as well as peaceful experiences and thus emerge out to possess a personality which reciprocates perfection to the core.


The Benefits of Reading to Your Child

bedtime stories.
Creative Commons License photo credit: ripkas

The world has always remained a mystery and learning is never a task to accomplish to find answers to those mysteries. It’s a continuous process and the limit is infinity. The greatest hobby anyone can have for himself is to develop a reading habit. The enormous knowledge of everything in this world can only be gained by the tool of reading different books. Love towards reading is the habit your child should acquire so as to be smart and intelligent kid as he/she grows.

The child’s world begins with the parents as their role models. So you can embed your child with reading habit from his very earlier childhood days. The interest towards this habit can be brought from reading to them even from their earlier days. There are huge benefits a child gets from parents reading to him as many studies reveal. A study was done at Rhode Island Hospital in two groups consisting of children having eight months of age. One group of the babies was too often read books to them and the other group was never. The interesting observation made was that the group to which reading was done regularly tend to understand more words. That means the receptive vocabularies by them was greater, nearly 40% and for the other group it was only nearly 16%.

The benefits of reading to your child were thus illustrated through this reliable mean. There are many tips regarding the art of reading for your babies. The first thing to bear in mind is the fact that your aim is to build within him a pleasurable and a positive association with the task of reading. At the beginning start with books which have only a lesser text and more colorful and bright pictures as they help your child seek better attention and good focus. They like colors and brightness of this new world they have arrived. For babies who enjoy nursery songs and rhymes, sing for them.

Try to choose small books which are square in shape so that your babies can grab them easily and the pages are not damaged. Just after a period of six months, this enables him to turn pages of the book. It is advisable to choose books of type plastic bath or books having cloth pages. The first books provided to babies should be short since the span of his attention will be short. You should keep his attention in going for an interactive way of reading. Ask him questions regularly like “What is in the box?” Tell him rather than just reading. Instead of reading “This is a ball”, read like “See baby... This is called ball”.

With keeping in mind the Benefits of Reading to Your Child, emphasis should also be put in making him involved. Keep talking to him about pictures before you turn away the pages. This way he can acquire words thus developing his vocabulary. Babies usually play with toys, but who sooner or later succeeds in life enjoy playing in the world of books with the words and finally turning into creative thinkers who effectively make the world move with their innovative ideas.


Music is for Everyone

Do, re , mi ...
Creative Commons License photo credit: Tania_Cataldo

Music is a form of art where the medium is silence and sound. Music comprises the element of pitch which is concerned with harmony and melody and it also comprise of other elements like rhythm, timber, texture and dynamics. As music is not confined to a particular and the taste towards music is for everyone, many forms of music keep on evolving in various parts of the world through various groups. So it can never be exactly answered the total number of types of music since music is not finite. It is an infinite possibility of any number of combinations of elements.


The effect of music on human being is not a matter of least consideration and various studies along with experiments are done to reveal the effect on humans. It was found that listener’s level of concentration is positively influenced by music. The memory power is also seen to be increased in those who have a habit of listening to music regularly. The amazing results of research point towards the fact that a silence which occurs in between any two of the musical note trigger the neurons. It also fires the brain cells thus leading to development of a sharp memory. Instruments such as sarod, santoor and flute music have been proved to enhance the memory and concentration.


Brain beats resonates on the perception of strong beats thus causing to achieve greater levels of alertness and concentration. Creativity has a great impact on human race as many innovations were made by the process of creative thinking. The enhancement of creativity also takes place under the influence of music as the right portion of brain as well as the brain center is triggered on listening to music. And these facts are responsible for the enhancement of creative thoughts. Certain musical compositions such as ragas are found to activate the entire chakras in the human body. This is a key factor in making them perform creative tasks. Music also performs the role of increasing the self confidence of students thus availing them with a capacity for trusting in themselves.


The internal discipline is also increased when you learn music. The learning of mathematics has also a great relation with the rhythm of music. Music stimulates centers of brain which deal with analyzing, thinking and then planning paving way for the enhancement of the organizing skill of individuals. Thus music is for everyone who need relaxation as well as the huge benefits that support the entire sphere of positive thinking and behavior. The music provides motivation and as far as a child is concerned, it lowers the stress in his brain which is otherwise destructive to his personality and carrier. Even learning to use or play any musical instrument has tremendous impact on the proportional thinking of brain and the temporal reasoning which is spatial. Actually these factors act as a base for the abstract mathematics. Regardless to your nation, creed, color and sex, it should be very well understood that music is for everyone and sparing some time for listening to music is always a healthy habit to follow.



Children and Television

Dr. Ronald
Creative Commons License photo credit: Poster Boy NYC

When you walk on wet cement you leave your footprints behind, in the same way the child’s mind is like wet cement which is open to acquire learning, knowledge and develop. In these growing years it is very important what children are shown, taught, told etc. to help form and influence their personality as they are growing up. In the same way television forms a big part in a child’s life as an average child spends 4hrs watching TV daily. That makes it the 2nd biggest time taking activity than anything else except sleep in the entire day. So, it is very important as a parent to carefully choose what the child watches.

The shows that are aired vary from basic news to high end violent movies so the influence that it creates is of major importance. With around 54% of the children having a television in their own bedroom it makes it more difficult to scrutinize the channels they watch and we have also seen that 44% of kids watch something different when they're alone than with their parents (25% choose MTV). Children learn a great deal from the daily shows that they see and they apply them to their daily lives as well. Watching violent shows can lead to desensitization and a lack of empathy for human suffering. The basic Moral standards are being sacrificed just for the sake of entertainment and for increased T.R.P’s.

Peer pressure is also a great influence among children, 66% of children (ages 10 to 16) surveyed say that their peers are influenced by TV shows. So, it is evident that the environment of a child is hampered by television shows. ”Seeing is Believing”, this theory highly applies to children as they have an increased likelihood to be influenced quite easily and all advertising companies take advantage of young viewers and promote their products. Channels can go to any extent in what they show just to keep their rankings high on the charts but it is on the part of parents to separate Children and Television to the right extent as it essential as well as harmful for them.

The early part of a human life is the time the brain starts to develop, learn, analyze etc. This is the time their imagination should not be stopped in the same time they should also be taught about making the choice between right and wrong. TV can obstruct a child’s sense of adventure, play and vital parent and child interaction that can form a crucial part of learning, physical and social development.

Even the experts (The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)) have researched into this subject area and have recommended that children under 2 years of age should not watch TV as this is the time in a child’s life that is critical for their brain development, those above 2 should not watch more than 1 to 2 hours a day. “Children are the Future” they should be well catered to and they should be given the right things to chew upon.


Children’s Toys and early development

Corpus Christis (Toys)

Creative Commons License photo credit: Gustavo Rossi

A potter creates marvelous pots by carving the wet clay; the impressions and mould form their best shape when the clay is soft. In the same way a person of great value can also be carved by their parents from birth to the early formative years. The tools for such carvings are the choice of the toys that you give him. These toys are a very powerful medium of teaching and development. All parents have a vast responsibility ahead of them to give their child a bright future; you can start off with the basic medium of education & development with the correct choice of toys. It is the choice of the toy that matters the most. There are toys that give the child the freedom of imagination and creativity. These kinds of toys improve their thinking capacity and also give them more confidence of choosing the right things.

The toys should also be child proof and safe, so that they do not cause any harm to the child or create a wrong impression on the young mind. It should also be fun and robust at the same time without losing the attention of the child. The first impression is the best impression, so the toy should also be very appealing. The toy should be a bit challenging so that it does not bore the child after they use it for a while.

Not all children look or act the same; neither do they develop in the same manner. Keeping that in mind toys are made for different ages & different tastes. Keep in mind toys that cater for different levels of mental development that a child experiences with age. We at ‘Children’s Gift Ideas’ take care in choosing the right type of toys. All the toys that we stock are checked and certified by the right authorities and meet various international standards. We believe that Children’s toys and early development plays a very important role at a later stage of life.

It is imperative that all our toys meet the expectation of the parents & keep with the ethics of the family, these points are also kept in mind & a wide array of choices are there in front of you as the parent. We also understand that in this busy world you need to keep your child engaged when you are working, we have sourced toys from manufacturers from around the world that meet our criteria of fun, imaginative children’s educational toys and gifts that offer real value for money

We at Children’s Gift Ideas know how much you love & care for your child. How much you want them to be prepared for the outside world when he grows up. The list of ways in which you can develop your child’s potential are endless, the best way is to start early & to do it in a way which never fails that is a way of fun & play.


First birthdays gifts – a milestone for parents and children

Walk on alki in the stroller
Creative Commons License photo credit: kramerhawks

One of the most memorable moments in any parents life is their child’s first birthday. This day brings brimming happiness on the face of all parents and making the day more special is the carefully chosen gifts to make the day even more special. At this age a child is always surrounded by a variety of soft cuddly toys so it is wise to vary the type of present that you buy. Usually within the early years a child starts showing traits and characteristics which will form part of their personality in the future. Gifts should be given that help in developing the personality traits which will in turn help mould early child development in the brightest of ways.
The babies formative years pass by at the blink of an eye, during this time the child gains enough potential to absorb knowledge and information or facts. It can be a casual gift like clothing or toys. Decision making becomes tricky when selecting from a wide variety of options that help in developing a strong personality for the child. First birthday presents can be traditional like a musical or stuffed toy or can be something modern like block games or innovative feature products that are designed especially in line with keeping a child’s traits in mind.
Educational first birthday gifts should help a child learn through the art of play. Such gifts should increase the child’s positive attributes, traits and characteristics. The basic purpose of educational gifts is to feed core values into a child’s personality and push the child towards developing a strong character.
Another trend is of featured gifts. These birthday gifts are designed keeping in view the child’s characteristic or the traits that the parents or loved ones want to help build in the child. Where people desire to enable the child to excel in maths like addition, subtraction they will select a product that guides the child to gain confidence, be more challenging and strengthen the mind.
A child’s first birthday is an important milestone both for the parent and for the child. Though the children will not remember anything in the future relating to the celebration or what presents they received by them but the first birthday happens to be an unforgettable moment for the parents. Many options of first birthday gifts are available for baby boys and girls to ensure that no one is left out of the fun on this special day. Gifts must be carefully selected so that it really pays off for the child. Also adequate attention must be given in packing the gifts that is they should be packed in a manner that attracts the children and brings a smile on their face. All efforts should be made to make this day as special as possible.


Make Christmas Special by choosing the best Christmas Gift for your loved ones.

boys and their toys
Creative Commons License photo credit: Lauren Sadler

One of the major attractions of any celebration is gifts. When it comes to Christmas Day, the excitement children get from opening gifts from their friends, relatives and Santa is a sight of pure joy. Exchanging gifts with your family and close ones is an age old tradition on Christmas and has become as important as the meaning of the day itself. Thus to make it more special and memorable people plan their gifts for their parents, brothers, sisters and loved ones well in advance.
Gifts are given to express love and affection towards the dear ones and to make them feel special. Depending on who you want to buy a gift for, innumerable options are available. When you want to buy children’s gifts, you can choose kids toys, games, dresses, toys . The most common adult gifts given at Christmas include perfumes, wine, jewellery, and other similar things. Sometimes people also opt for gift basket which is combination of many items or give homemade items like cake, cookies or other eatables.
Children expect gifts on every occasion, specifically during celebrations like Christmas or New Year. Family members and close relatives give gifts as a token of love and care, for many it is not very difficult to satisfy certain children who will enjoy whatever gifts are given to them but for some children it can be a difficult job for adults to figure out what present to buy. The gifts that children are fond of on any occasion are usually stuffed toys, activity based gifts, dresses, board games or sweets. However it is essential to select gifts in a prudent way so that it proves to be beneficial for the child and does not result in one time use. This doesn’t imply that an expensive gift should be given to child as toys that are fun, educational and innovative need not cost the earth.
When choosing children’s gifts their likes, dislikes and interest must be kept in mind. For instance where a child likes to crave mystery related themes, a strategy building game or children suspense story book will be a suitable option. This will enable them to develop a sharp, active and alert mind. Also books can be another interesting gift as it adds on the child’s knowledge and builds up reading and writing skills. These days there is a wide variety of choices that are available such as puzzles, mind games, toy blocks or matching games which are scientifically designed, keeping in mind child’s age, gender and other factors. They are advanced educational toys can help in a childs brain development as well as enhancing creativity and the development of a sharper mind which help in the personality development of child. Gifts must be given not only for the sake of adventure and enjoyment but also for learning and educational purpose. Sometimes we also choose among kids travel toys to keep them involved during journeys.
Personalised gifts are also given by many people and are becoming very popular. A painted cushion or photo album posing the photo of his super hero or favourite cartoon character or loved one can bring endless happiness for the child. Such gifts are usually selected when the preference or taste of the child is well known.
Gifts bring brimming happiness on the face of children. They eagerly wait for Christmas to receive the gifts and surprises. The gifts are a symbol of love and affection of elders and close ones. They are a token of care and feelings. The children are adored and pampered by being given gifts that can be special, unique, meaningful or beautiful. The smile on their innocent faces make Christmas more special and memorable.


The decision of buying children’s gift is never easy….

Santa at Little Creations-73
Creative Commons License photo credit: Axel Bührmann

Most children expect gifts on all occasions. Sometimes it is difficult to decide what to buy children as each one is different from the other. Some prefer books, board games, computer games and some like creative gifts. The occasion for which you are buying a gift will differ and so will the type of gift you purchase, for instance gifts on birthdays will be different from gifts at Christmas and those that are given as reward or on casual visits. These days the variety of toys has increased which makes the task even harder, like scientific games, puzzles and new tech fashionable gadgets. These toys and games are based on traditional lines but are designed very scientifically keeping in mind the age and gender of the child, brain and personality development capacity and similar other factors.

Earlier the options and variety of gifts were limited; there were very few choices for games or items of clothing that people could buy. These traditional gifts had many limitations for instance there was no major scientific influence and as such did not help in a child’s learning or development. They basically served the purpose of entertaining the child. At the same time these were not always differentiated on the grounds of age or gender.

On the other hand in the past couple of years the trend of child development has gained momentum and a wide variety of options have been introduced. Modern day toys, games and even computer games benefit the child in many ways like brain development and enhancing creativity.  They open the world of imagination, interaction and amazement to children of all ages.  Since these toys are designed after considering the child’s requirement they have shown very good results. Articles in newspapers, magazines, brochures have concluded that such toys have made immense contribution towards the overall development of children of various age groups.

The creativity of modern day gifts has grown as too have the demand for personalised presents, you can now have something designed or written with the child in mind, for instance a painted mug, goodie jar, bag, photo album will make the child happy as it will have a personal touch.  You can buy mostly anything personalised to a child, a picture of a super hero or cartoon character with a childs name will leave them amazed and thrilled. An affectionate or motivating message or photos of their loved ones printed on it are an excellent option as they keep in mind the interest, humor, sensitivity of the child.

When buying gifts for children one must consider their awareness, are they interested in mystery, adventure, creativity, science or any other interest? For instance children who crave mystery mind-boggling games or books will find such gifts stir the mind and keep them alert and active. The choice is open and the decision is never easy, but what you do know is that the modern toy will always have the child’s mind and education at heart, the technology and material that is used to make toys is better than ever before and the health and safety features have never been more rigorous. Education for many was a chore not enjoyment but now with modern day children’s toys they need not know that fun and education for that moment are one thing.